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How can I send in my proof of No claim discount?

We may have already automatically verified your NCD in which case you won’t need to upload proof.

You will have a notification in your My account advising whether we have already automatically validated your NCD or providing a link to do so if we still need proof.

As we're a low cost, self-service insurer, the only way to send us your proof of No claim discount (NCD) is by uploading it. Just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Find your renewal invitation or cancellation letter from your previous insurer

When you've found the document, check that it: 

  • is less than 2 years old
  • shows your name as the policyholder and is earned by you
  • shows the number of years of NCD you are entitled to
  • shows your discount was earned on a private car (and not a company car, motorcycle or van)
  • Click here to view our NCD acceptance criteria in full

Step 2: Scan it or take a picture

If your proof is a paper document, simply scan it or take a picture with your digital camera or camera phone. If it’s an email, print it and scan it or take a screenshot of it.

Please make sure that the image is nice and clear - we need to be able to check all the information we mentioned in Step 1. We accept most types of image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .gif).

Step 3: Upload to My account

Upload online through our website

  1. Log in to My account (or register if you haven't set it up yet)
  2. Scroll down to My policies section
  3. Find insurance policy you wish to upload your proof of No claim discount
  4. Go to Upload documents and upload

And you're done! We'll send you an email once we've checked your proof - it can take up to 2 working days.

Please note if the Upload NCD link does not appear in your My account, it may be that we have automatically validated your NCD and you don't need to upload any proof. Please check for a notification in your My account to see if we have automatically validated your NCD.

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