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Can I make changes to my current policy after I’ve received my renewal invite?

If you have received your renewal invite but haven’t renewed your policy yet, you can amend your current policy via your My Account. Simply log in then:

  • Scroll down to "My policies" section
  • Find insurance policy you wish to change and select "Change policy"
  • Choose a date you want the change to be effective from (must be before renewal date)
  • Select an edit option that applies

If the changes to your current policy affect your premium, we’ll recalculate your renewal quote which you can then view in your My Account.

If you’ve accepted your renewal price before the policy renewal date, please email us if you’d like to amend your current policy. We’ll let you know how the changes will affect your current and renewal policy premium and whether we can still insure you before confirming the changes.

During your policy renewal period, we’ll give you telephone support for 28 days before your renewal date. Please check documentation for the correct number to call and have your policy number ready so we can help you with the following:

  • Answer questions about your renewal price
  • Explain how changes you’ve made to your cover may affect your premium
  • And of course, renew your policy
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