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Do you cover trailers and caravans under your car policy?

Our standard car policy insures the policyholder against Third Party Liability while a trailer is attached to their car. We won’t charge an additional premium and the policyholder doesn't need to tell us that they are towing a trailer. This cover is required by law by all car insurance policies and means if you're involved in an accident where you injury someone or damage their property, we'll cover any compensation the innocent party is entitled to. The term “trailer” means any trailer, caravan or car being tow behind our policyholder’s car.

However, General Accident doesn't provide cover for loss or damage to the trailer itself.

Caravans are generally covered under a specialist stand-alone policy or added to a Home insurance policy as an optional benefit. This is because the customer will need cover for fixtures and fittings as well as any own damage or liability issues.

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