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My proof of No claim discount doesn't meet your requirements. What should I do?

If your proof of No claim discount (NCD) is missing information that we ask for, i.e.:
  • Policy start and end date
  • Your name as the policyholder
  • The number of years NCD you are entitled to
  • Your car registration number
  • Your postcode
  • Your previous insurer's name

Please ask your previous insurer to send you a letter on headed paper to confirm your proof of NCD that includes all of this information.

We can't accept a proof of NCD if it's:

  • From a policy the expired more than 2 years ago
  • Already in use on another car insurance policy
  • Been issued by an insurer outside the UK or EU (unless it's an insurer from a country the DVLA includes in their licence exchange scheme)
  • Not in your name as the policyholder
  • Been earned on a company car, motorcycle or van

If you don’t have an acceptable proof, you can still keep the policy, but you’ll need to reduce your NCD to 0 years and this will increase your premium.

To reduce your NCD you just need to:

- Log into your My account
- Scroll down to "My policies" section
- Find insurance policy you wish to change and select "Change policy"
- Select 'Change driver'

You can reduce your NCD, see how it’ll affect your premium and make any extra payments. If your policy hasn't started yet, you'll need to set the 'effective date of change' to be the same as your start date.

If you don’t want to keep your policy without the NCD, you can cancel the policy. You can find more information here.
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